UPVC GOLDEN 82 windows

The Construction of the GOLDEN 82 UPVC window is based on Veka Softline 82 profile – a new generation energy-saving window profile system. This is our best product, characterised by unique design, highest level of energy-saving and exceptional functionality. We can definitely say that window GOLDEN 82 sets new trends in the UPVC window joinery branch.


  • The window profile system with multi-chamber geometry (7 chambers in the frame profile and 6 chambers in the sash profile), and installation depth of 82 mm, ensures energy efficiency at the highest level (the scope of use ranges from energy-saving houses to passive houses). The profile system itself is characterised by coefficient Uf = 1.0 W/m2K;
  • Double or triple glazing with the window pane thickness between 24 and 52 mm provides the possibility of glazing doorways and sashes according to individual needs.
  • The thickness of external walls of the profile amounts to 3 mm (with the tolerance of 0.2 mm), i.e. the parameter meets the highest standards of RAL Class A (PN-EN 12608).
  • As a standard feature, the system of three gaskets is made of high-quality long service life plastic, with excellent protection against noise, cold, humidity and draughts.
  • Gently outlined shapes and lower structure height allow better lighting of the apartment.
  • Ideally smooth surfaces made of plastic entirely resistant to the impact of atmospheric conditions and ageing, do not require painting.
  • The fittings groove located in the 13 mm axis allows to apply stronger elements of fittings.
  • Special sash reinforcement structure provides ideal statics and security.
  • Additional frame ribbing provides stable fastening of fitting latches.

UPVC profile thickness

82 mm

Number of chambers in frame


Profile heat transfer coefficient

1,0 W/m2K

Number of gaskets


window pane package



Glass heat transfer coefficient

0,5 W/m2K

Glass pane spacer


SELECT (hidden hinges)


Number of anti-burglary latches (RU sashes)


DFE (handle-turning lock with sash lifter)


MSLOS (tilt regulation)


ZSS (anti-slam tilt lock)



standard feature

Under sill strip

standard feature

Type of handle


(Standard) glass acoustic insulation

33 dB

Alternative design



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Window panes

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Standard warm edges